Control system visualization

  1. The system equipped with a recognition system of trams. automatically within a few days, you can make a printout of the consumption of sand for everyone tram. the so interesting that you can get an idea on the basis of the current consumption of the sandbox in the tram is working properly (or not it is clogged or that it does not consume too much sand).
  2. The system automatically notifies the need supervision depot review of the sander in the tram. it can be set eg. in depending on the minimum consumption of sand for the tram or periodically from time to time.
  3. The continuous measurement of the amount of sand in the silo.
  4. Automatic notification of the need to order the sand.
  5. Monitoring of equipment napiaszczania (silsu, filters, pumps, distributors) and reporting the need for maintenance.
  6. Option! the system is equipped with a second independent filter and installation tube, which allows for the simultaneous refueling of trams and replenishment distributors in the sand (well, almost twice that promotes the process of refueling vehicles). the standard system, also this competition function does not have. this is due to the fact that the standard equipment comprises with one pipe sand and one to vent. in our the system is an additional vent pipe and an additional (third) filter.
  7. The process visualization allows for the manager of the depot create basically any report for any timing, for example. while refueling cycles performed a distributor, how much sand has used the tram. on the basis of this information and how much sand is in silo system can estimate when to order a supply of sand.
  8. The system equipped with a camera for each track.
  9. Notification by sms
  10. Process visualization on the tablet or smartphone – after logging into the system NEW!
  11. Automatic shutdown gun after filling sanding.
  12. A loud voice to the operator (max. 16) NEW!
  13. Service 24h / day.
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